Aqua Matic Consumables and Spares


The Aqua Matic watermaker of Sea Recovery functions mostly automatic, thanks to the latest technologies. Several system functions don’t require an operator. This makes the Aqua Matic watermaker very user-friendly and reliable. With one touch the water production starts or stops, taking almost no time of the ship’s crew or captain.

  • Largely automatic operation
  • Easy controlling and monitoring (LCD touch screen)
  • Water production: 1,700 to 12,000 litres a day
  • Ideal for midsize to large leisure boats


    Clear water without effort

    A very time-consuming process of most standard watermakers, is adjusting the right pressure to the present water conditions. The automation of this process within the Aqua Matic watermaker proves that Sea Recovery has been focussing on ease of use. Other advantages of the Aqua Matic are the automatic, weekly flush function and the reminder for maintenance. All these automated features, together with the high-quality parts used for production, result in a larger reliability.

    Aqua Matic at TTT

    The sales consultants of Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT) are very willing to consult you in your search for the optimal Sea Recovery watermaker. Based on the size and utilization of your yacht or ship and your specific demands, TTT can propose a fit for purpose watermaker. During the lifetime onboard, TTT is able to perform service and maintenance on board. Also, spare parts and consumables are available, mostly directly from stock.
    Model #
    Per Hour
    Per Day
    19 gal / 71 liter
    29 gal / 110 liter
    38 gal / 142 liter
    38 gal / 142 liter
    58 gal / 221 liter
    75 gal / 284 liter
    450 gal / 1,703 liter
    700 gal / 2,650 liter
    900 gal / 3,407 liter
    900 gal / 3,407 liter
    1400 gal / 5,300 liter
    1800 gal / 6,814 liter

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