Water Lubricated Shaft Bearings

CRA003 - CRA014 - Metric/Imperial Series - Brass Shell - Polyurethane

Countrose offers an additional service to other manufacturers in the fact that they offer two different types of elastomeric lined bearings, polyurethane and nitrile rubber.

Polyurethane is a very tough, highly abrasion resistant elastomeric material. Its excellent physical properties allow it to operate at loads beyond that of other elastomers, whilst its high resilience and abrasion resistance make it ideally suited to the toughest working environments. Polyurethane is slightly absorbent and, when immersed in water, it will swell a small amount until equilibrium is reached. The bearings supplied by Countrose are designed with initial clearances to cater for the dimensional movements caused by changes in temperature and water content.

Nitrile rubber is softer and has slightly lower physical properties than polyurethane. Generally, nitrile has a lower load capacity and is less abrasion resistant. It is resistant to grease and oil and is dimensionally stable in water, allowing tighter clearances.

Under most normal conditions polyurethane and nitrile rubber lined bearings have been found to perform equally well, displaying the same wear rates and giving a similar co-efficient of friction under lubrication. However, where the vessel is operating in abrasive conditions, for example in shallow water containing sand or grit, polyurethane has proven to far outlast nitrile. In contrast, where vibration may occur in the shaft caused by misalignment, nitrile has proven to have superior noise dampening properties than polyurethane, because it is a softer material.

Countrose bearings are generally produced with straight flutes as, in most applications, the greater open flow area reduces the incidence of blockage. However, we can also offer non-standard bearings with special flute designs to suit the criteria of different applications, including where spiral flutes, either right or left hand start, are required.



Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Shaft Dia. 25 Shell Dia. 1.5 Length 100 CRA003 Out of stock $177.23
Shaft Dia. 30 Shell Dia. 1.75 Length 120 CRA005 Out of stock $212.65
Shaft Dia. 32 Shell Dia 1.75 Length 128 CRA006 Out of stock $226.82
Shaft Dia. 35 Shell Dia 1.875 Length 140 CRA007 Out of stock $234.03
Shaft Dia. 38 Shell Dia 2 Length 152 CRA008 Out of stock $283.61
Shaft Dia. 40 Shell Dia 2.125 Length 160 CRA009 Out of stock $304.87
Shaft Dia. 45 Shell Dia 2.375 Length 180 CRA011 Out of stock $311.95
Shaft Dia. 50 Shell Dia 2.625 Length 200 CRA012 Out of stock $396.96
Shaft Dia. 55 Shell Dia 2.875 Length 220 CRA013 Out of stock $510.43
Shaft Dia. 60 Shell Dia 3 Length 240 CRA014/1 Out of stock $602.65
Shaft Dia. 60 Shell Dia 3.25 Length 240 CRA014 Out of stock $602.65

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