ALFRESCO Clear Unbreakable Glasses

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ALFRESCO Clear Unbreakable Glasses

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Whisky PM455 In Stock $7.99
Highball PM456 In Stock $7.99
Wine PM457 In Stock $7.99
Flute PM458 In Stock $7.99


The classic glass-like shapes are at home in any setting
And because they are made from super-tough polycarbonate, they have the clarity of glass, are unbreakable and safe in normal use and are dishwasher safe.
The whisky and highball tumblers stack for convenient storage
The range can be ordered in Triton and Styrene, and in custom colours.
The trumpet flute is only available by order.


The Alfresco range is made to Automotive lens standards which mean that its surfaces are highly polished and ripple free giving glass-like sparkle and clarity. 

Lifetime Product Guarantee – Replacement Policy

Palm Products is so confident of its product quality that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

  • Any product confirmed by visual inspection to have a defect in materials or workmanship will be replaced.
  • Products damaged by normal wear, improper care or abuse will not be replaced.
  • Products made from polycarbonate or Triton are guaranteed to be unbreakable in normal use.


All materials used are certified as passing the relevant European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration food contact regulations.