ALTEX Epoxy Primer

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ALTEX Epoxy Primer

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Altex Yacht & Boat Epoxy Primer provides the foundation for all high performance marine systems. Altex Epoxy Primer is suitable for as vast range of substrates, and ensures exceptional adhesion for all coating systems to build on.

Altex Epoxy Primer is recommended for use as:

  • Primer on suitably prepared steel, alloy, GRP and wooden substrates
  • Multi-coat primer and self-build system
  • Primer and seal coat for Altex Epoxy fairing systems

Altex Epoxy Primer may also be used to seal off prepared, aged coatings prior to repainting - refer also to Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat.

Altex Epoxy Primer is ideal for use below the water-line as a tie coat between aged epoxies and Altex Yacht & Boat Antifoulings-

  • No.5 Ablative
  • Pettit Vivid®
  • Pettit Hydrocoat®


Limitations. Epoxy Primer is a thin film adhesion primer. It is not designed for thick film application-apply at 50-75µm maximum (sufficient to hide the substrate only).




  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Mild Steel, Corten steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and Lead
  • Sealed timber, Fibreglass, Epoxy resin
  • Gelcoat, Carbon fibre
  • Sealed ferro-cement
  • Formulated for use above and below water - simplifies full hull painting projects
  • Very long mixed pot life
  • Excellent long term re-coat and overcoating properties
  • Very rapid dust-free and touch dry times
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties

Ideal for fairing systems – to apply fairing compound onto and for the sealing of completed, sanded fairing systems