ALTEX Regatta Gloss Enamel

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ALTEX Regatta Gloss Enamel

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
500ml - Bengal Red 820SBR005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Mediterranean Green 820SMG005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Recsue Orange 820SRO005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Tasman Blue 820STB005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Snow White 820SSW005 In Stock $34.99
500ml - Tonkin Black 820SB0005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Aden Blue 820SAB005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Arctic Grey 820SAG005 Low Stock $34.99
500ml - Kumeu White 820SKW005 Low Stock $35.99
500ml - Matterhorn White 820SMW005 In Stock $34.99
500ml - Oman Beige 820SOB005 Out of stock $34.99
500ml - Oyster White 820SOW005 Low Stock $34.99
1L - Tonkin Black 820SB010 Out of stock $61.90
1L - Snow White 820SSW010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Bengal Red 820SBR010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Mediterranean Green 820SMG010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Rescue Orange 820SRO010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Tasman Blue 820STB010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Aden Blue 820SAB010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Arctic Grey 820SAG010 Low Stock $61.99
1L - Kumeu White 820SKW010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Matterhorn White 820SMW010 Low Stock $61.99
1L - Oman Beige 820SOB010 Out of stock $61.99
1L - Oyster White 820SOW010 Out of stock $61.99
4L - Snow White 820SS4040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Tonkin Black 820SB040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Aden Blue 820SAB040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Arctic Grey 820SAG040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Kumeu White 820SKW040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Matterhorn White 820SMW040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Oman Beige 820SOB040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Oyster White 820SOW040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Bengal Red 820SBR040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Mediterranean Green 820SMG040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Rescue Orange 820SRO040 Out of stock $161.86
4L - Tasman Blue 820STB040 Out of stock $161.86
1L - Capricorn Yellow 820SCY010 Out of stock $61.99

Regatta® Gloss Enamel is designed for use as the finish coating for the Single Component Marine topsides systems.

Regatta® Gloss Enamel can be used on :

  • Canoes
  • Tenders
  • Dinghies
  • Trailer yachts
  • Power boats
  • For signwriting
  • Boot stripes
  • For up-grading existing enamel systems, subject to correct preparation and undercoating

And numerous other DIY projects requiring a high quality enamel finish coat.


  • High gloss enamel finish
  • Superior, “long oil” Marine quality
  • Good weathering properties
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Good application characteristics
  • Compatible with Altex Flattening Paste to reduce the gloss for interior colours
  • May be modified with the addition of Regatta® 2K Additive to speed up cure and enhance overall performance. This effectively creates a “Two Pack” finish coat. (see overleaf)