BENNETT Auto Tab Control Unit



Get a Perfectly Trimmed Boat - Every Time!

Bennett Marine pioneered the Auto Tab Control (ATC) to make the boater’s experience on the water even better. It does exactly what it says it does – interacting directly with your trim tab system to automatically monitor your boat’s position and maintain the perfect cruising attitude. 

Calculating more than a thousand attitude readings per second, the newly redesigned ATC adjusts trim tabs to changes in vessel speed, sea conditions and shifting weight. Result is an optimum ride and significant fuel savings.


Note that the Auto Tab Control does not replace a manual control required for your trim tab system. 

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Auto Tab Control System - Control Unit AC3400 Low Stock $496.54
Auto Tab Control System For EIC AC3EIC Out of stock $816.48
Auto Tab Control System - 12 Volt AC3000 In Stock $828.94
Auto Tab Control System - 24 Volt AC30002 Out of stock $828.94
Auto Tab Control System With Bridge For EIC AC3EICA Out of stock $1,259.00
With Bridge - 12 Volt AC3000A Out of stock $1,304.70
With Bridge - 24 Volt AC30002A Out of stock $1,304.70

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