BENNETT BOLT Control - With Indication (Including Diagnostics and ATR)

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SKU: BCI8000
  • Combines three features into one compact control ‚Äî Rocker switch control, trim tab position indicator and Auto Tab Retractor. Highly accurate and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day.

  • Water resistant Keypad and connectors ensure years of trouble free operation.

  • Completely plug and play, no need to run additional wiring back to the transom for easy installation.

  • Control box incorporates innovative LED status indicators simplifying installation and troubleshooting

This Kit Includes:

  • (1)¬†BCI8700 Bolt Helm Keypad ‚Äì With Indication (Includes 3‚Ä≤ wire connector)

  • (1)¬†BCI8500 Control Box For¬†BCI¬†(Includes 3‚Ä≤ wire connector)

  • (1) Hardware Bag