CANTALUPI Diana 85 'Blueline' Stainless Downlight


CANTALUPI Diana 85 'Blueline' Stainless Downlight

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CANTALUPI Diana 85 'Blueline' Stainless Downlight 20DIANA02D3SS In Stock $195.50

Diana - Downlight/Fixtures LED

The DIANA 85 & 105 are Cantalupi's best seller LED lighting fixtures for interior and exterior general use. The wide beam, sanded glass and luminosity make them the best solution for general lighting applications. DIANA 85 is recommended for yachts below 90' and brighter DIANA 105 for yachts above 90'. The look is neutral and blends perfectly with most interiors.

The driver is integrated and incorporates Cantalupi's most recent LED technology: patented dimming with two wires only, ESD protection, absence of conducted and radiated interferences and more. This means that these LED lights can be wired as normal halogen lights and are certified to not create interference problems with any of the electronic equipment on board the vessel.

Cantalupi is committed to supply to you only the best in LED marine lighting.