CANTALUPI Dimmer CLL 10-30 Volt DC 1CH*6AMP

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The Cantalupi LED Lighting (CLL) Dimmer is a powerful three channel dimmer that can be used to dim and control Cantalupi CLL LED lights as well as Monochromatic and RGB LED Strip lighting. Each channel has an output of 6 amps capable of controlling up to 24 of the 6 Watt Downlights or 12 of the 12 Watt Downlights.
Utilizing Cantalupi’s patented 2-wire dimming system over the power lines, the CLL Dimmer is a drop-in replacement for existing Halogen wiring systems and dimmers making the transition to LED Lighting convenient and cost effective with no additional wiring required.
The CLL Dimmer is not only setup for push-button control but also for automation control using either the MODBUS or DMX512 Communication protocols using either a Cantalupi Control System or integrating with existing systems like a Crestron, Lutron, or Dynalite. For more information on Cantalupi LED Control systems or product integration please contact our experienced technical personnel.