EXALTO Elec Controller 3 HD Wiper 24V



Wiper Control Panel For 3 Wipers, 24vdc, Exalto

  • Imtra Wiper Control Panel 24VDC for 3 Wipers
  • This Imtra Wiper Control Panel 24VDC for 3 Wipers offers the highest precision in manufacturing tolerances
  • Futuristic design and exceptional durability makes this Wiper Control Panel both robust and stable
  • Engineered with the high safety standards brings this Wiper Control Panel top quality
  • This exquisite Wiper Control Panel is superbly created to a level of supreme nature and contemporary style
  • Wiper Control Panel for 3 Wipers 24VDC
  • Product Details :
  • Description: Electronic Wiper Control
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Includes: Relay Box Touch Pad 12' connecting cable (extendable with available 6m and 3m extension cables)
  • Speeds: 1 Continuous Speed
  • Intermittent: 4 levels of intermittent with LED indicator
  • Sync: Sync in Intermittent Speeds
  • Wash: Press to Wash Function
  • Weight: 0.500 lbs

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Type: Engineering

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