FUEL 360 Conditioner Treatment


FUEL 360 Conditioner Treatment

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100 mls F3601M Out of stock $30.00
1 L F3601L Out of stock $235.00

Fuel360 is an innovative NZ fuel treatment – available in tablet or liquid form – designed to be absorbed into your fuel. Fuel360 helps your engine achieve a cleaner burn during the combustion process, improving fuel efficiency and reducing the amount of contaminants left behind.

Available in two sizes:

  • 100ml - Treats 400 Ltrs of Fuel as part of Fuel Treatment Regime

  • 1 L - Treats 4,000 Ltrs of Fuel as part of Fuel Treatment Regime

Fuel360 can be used in any combustion engine, including those found in cars, boats, farm equipment and a huge range of machinery. Any engine that runs on petrol or diesel will benefit from using Fuel360.

When fuel is burnt in your engine’s combustion chamber, only a portion of it is actually used. Fuel360 works by assisting the combustion process, allowing your engine to burn the fuel more efficiently. Protect your engine, get more power, minimise dangerous emissions and reduce your fuel bill!