INOX MX4 Grease


INOX MX4 Grease

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Made from a pure high technical grade anhydrous lanolin, food grade approved additives and anti-oxidants.  It has been especially designed to remain pliable at very low temperatures with the right amount of gripping tackiness (non-fling) to hang on and still have flexibility for the user.

  • Waterproof, protects leather, non-conductive and safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Aanti-corrosion, rust proofing and anti-fouling coatings for all metals.
  • Stops electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
  • Preserves timpe from water, cracking and dry rot (do not use on green timber).
  • Anti-seize for bolts, nuts and threaded rod.
  • Non-carcinogenic, bio-degradable, highly resistant to salt and acid corrosion, provides lasting protection.
  • Environmentally and user friendly.
  • No lanolin odour.
  • Volume: 500 grams, pot.

INOX specialise in lubricants for anti-moisture and anti-corrosion needs.