MARC NEWSON Unbreakable Glassware - Green glow-in-dark

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MARC NEWSON Unbreakable Glassware - Green glow-in-dark

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Highball Glass PM841 Out of stock $14.99
Whisky Glass PM840 Out of stock $14.99
Flute Glass PM843 Out of stock $14.99
Wine Glass PM842 Out of stock $14.99
Highball Glass (4 pack) PM841x4 Low Stock $59.99
Whisky Glass (4 pack) PM840x4 In Stock $59.99
Flute Glass (4 pack) PM843x4 In Stock $59.99
Wine Glass (4 pack) PM842x4 In Stock $59.99

The World’s Finest Unbreakable Drinkware – a synergy of form and function

Robert Wilson’s vision was to create in collaboration with Marc Newson ”the most glass-like, the most beautiful, the most user friendly and the highest quality unbreakable drinkware range available in the world.”

Marc Newson brings his award winning minimalist aesthetic to the creation of this unique range. “I simplify products to their essence; Designing them in a way that has not been done before to create a range that is unique in the world”.

The result is a beautiful and unique range of unbreakable drinkware – a true synergy of form and function.

  • Marc Newson’s sculptured shapes are dramatic and unique. They exhibit his signature flowing lines and fine sense of proportion.
  • They are a pleasure to hold. The curved shapes sit naturally in the hand and they feel balanced with their glass-like weighed base.
  • The Whisky, Highball, Wine and Flute blend as a family.
  • The coloured bases add a further sense of drama and individuality

They are a work of art that will bring pleasure to discerning users.

2013 Good Design Award

The design and execution values have been recognized by the awarding of a Good Design Award by the Australian International awards’ judges.

Further recognition was received by the selection of the range to be displayed at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney from August 2013 for one year.

A Pleasure to use

The range is also highly functional giving added pleasure in use – with many desirable features not found on other ranges.
The glasses will typically be used outdoors and in marine conditions where the surface may be uneven or unstable and where there may be wind. They are often used where glass presents a safety issue.

  • The shapes are stable with a heavy base.
  • The non-slip base help prevents movement and because it insulates the glass from a bench, it as acts as a coaster.
  • The Glow-in-the dark base (green colour only) is popular in cruising, camping and low-light applications.
  • The tumblers stack with precision onto a fine ledge saving valuable storage space and preventing sticking and damage.
  • The range is totally unbreakable in normal use – the clear tops are made in either super-tough polycarbonate or Triton.
  • The range is also dishwasher safe. Annealing is used to give almost unlimited life – much longer than all other competitors’ ranges tested.

Gloss and Sparkle

The Marc Newson range sets a new level gloss and sparkle that rivals the best glassware. It builds on Palm Products’ extensive experience in making high quality automotive instrument lenses and premium drinkware. It is manufactured on state-of-the-art European equipment, the dies are made using the highest quality German tool-steel and the most advanced machining and polishing techniques.

Lifetime Product Guarantee – Replacement Policy

Palm Products is so confident of its product quality that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

  • Any product confirmed by visual inspection to have a defect in materials or workmanship will be replaced.
  • Products damaged by normal wear, improper care or abuse will not be replaced.
  • Products made from polycarbonate or Triton are guaranteed to be unbreakable in normal use.


The materials used are certified as passing the relevant European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration food standards. The range carries the CE (Conformity European) mark.

The range is a safe alternative to glass and breakable plastics.