Pressureflex Arianna Bio


Arianna Bio is comprised of biological PVC, made from natural renewable resources.
Arianna hose is Food Grade (European1935/2004/CE) and complicant with FDA regulations.
Resistant to atmospherical agents and many chemical substances, the hosing will not lose its integrity.

Arianna contains no phthalates and plasticizer, free from chemicals that softens PVC.
Operating temperature: 
-10°C + 60°C

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
6mm 21-0610 In Stock $2.99
8mm 21-0810 In Stock $3.36
10mm 21-1010 In Stock $4.81
16mm 21-1610 In Stock $5.99
19mm 21-1910 Out of stock $8.30
32mm 21-3210 In Stock $19.99
38mm 21-3810 In Stock $25.75

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