R&D Drive Plate 21P34


R&D Drive Plate 21P34

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Drive Plate 21P34 21P34 Low Stock $160.72
Drive Plate 4U3 4U3 Low Stock $692.72
Drive Plate Volvo SD 71AL145 71AL145 Low Stock $634.11
Drive Plate 7F7 7F7 Out of stock $508.45
Drive Plate 3E1 30 Out of stock $506.50
Drive Plate 14E7 1.40E+18 Out of stock $547.91
Drive Plate 48AD25 48AD25 Out of stock $708.63

Why you should buy R&D Marine Damper Drive Plates


1. Reduces gear noise
2. Allows engine to run at lower speeds
3. Back plate punched ready to install
4. Fail safe design
5. No springs to rust, solid, fret or rattle

The 'R&D Damper' was developed to prevent gearbox rattle (gear hammer) at low engine speeds and allow engines to be used over their complete speed range. To isolate the torsional vibrations at slow speeds it is necessary to have a very soft drive connection, which must be sufficiently strong to transimt the full torque. The 'R&D Damper' meets these requirements and consists of a moulded element in a new type polyurethane which is fail safe and in the unlikely event of a flexible element failing, the drive is maintained.

R&D can offer three styles of Damper Drive Plate. The loop type is suitable for most applications. in some cases the 3 stage stiffness of the Hammer Head or the High Deflection Type is more suitable on torsionally active applications.

R&D Marine has a wide range of damper elements to meet all applications from 80 to 1630 Nm.