RACOR Element Turbine Series - 500 Series


Replacement Filter Fuel/Water Seperator

Racor provides high quality replacement parts for all of our Turbine Series filter assemblies.  From o-rings to elements, whatever you need to update, upgrade, and service your filter, Racor has a replacement kit to make it happen.


  • Max Flow Rate: 60 GPH (227 LPH)
  • Filter Rating: 30 Micron
  • Suitable for the 500 Series Turbine Assemblies 


  • Max Flow Rate: 60 GPH (of 500 Series Housing)
  • Filter Rating: 2 Micron
  • Suitable with the 500 Series Turbine Assemblies



  • Max Flow Rate: 60 GPH (227 LPH)
  • Filter Rating: 10 Micron
  • Suitable for 500 Series Turbine Assemblies

RACOR specialise in quality filtration systems and products.




Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
30 Micron 2010PM-OR In Stock $26.91
2 Micron 2010SM-OR In Stock $31.74
10 Micron 2010TM-OR In Stock $26.91

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