Racor 23299-10 SNAPP Marine Disposable Fuel Filter Water Separator Assembly.

The SNAPP™ Marine Fuel Filter/Water Separator is a compact, quick service filter with premium filtration capabilities. The patented bracket system and quick connect fittings make element change-outs both easy and tool free. At just four inches wide with 2 to 2-1/2 inch bolt spacing, the SNAPP™ filter and bracket fits anywhere and protects everywhere.


  • Type/Configuration: First Fit
  • Includes 10 micron element - R23298-10
  • Bowl Type: With Self Vent Drain
  • Filters gasoline and diesel fuels **SEE NOTES BELOW**

Note: SNAPP 2 micron filters are approved for flows up to 40 gph (151 lph) in gasoline only. 2, 10 and 30 micron filters can be used up to 26 gph (100 lph) in gasoline and diesel.

Note: 40 gph (151 lph) fuel flow requires choosing 2 micron media. 10 and 30 micron media are for flows up to 26 gph (100 lph.)

The lower the micron rating, the finer the filtration. Follow your engine manufacturer's recommendation for fuel filter micron rating.


  • S = Secondary/Final 2 micron (Brown)
  • T = Primary or Secondary/Final 10 micron (Blue)
  • P = Primary 30 micron (Red)


Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
Replacement Element 10 micron R23298-10 Out of stock $70.95
Full Assembly 10 micron 23299-10 Out of stock $97.50

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