RXHOSE Clear Multipurpose Hose Roll


Key Features

  • Multi purpose hose suitable for food contact and general industrial and agricultural applications
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact) & AS/NZS2554
  • Non toxic suitable for contact with air, food and water


  • Inner core - clear PVC with a smooth finish
  • Reinforcing - high tenacity polyester yarn with red tracer
  • Outer cover - UV stabilised blue tint PVC with a smooth finish

Warning - not suitable for permanent fuel line

Product Code Nom I.D. Nom OD Working Pressure (20°C)
22CMP10X20 10mm 16.2mm 1.6mpa/232psi.
22CMP12X20 12.5mm 18.9mm 1.6mpa/232psi.
22CMP16X20 16mm 23mm 1.6mpa/232psi.
22CMP20X20 20mm 27mm 1.6mpa/232psi.
22CMP25X20 25mm 33.5mm 1.4mpa/203psi
Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
38MM x 20M 22CMP38x20Roll In Stock $1,071.28
10MM x 20M 22CMP10x20Roll In Stock $135.55
12MM x 20M 22CMP12x20Roll Out of stock $171.63
16MM x 20M 22CMP16x20Roll Out of stock $274.48
20MM x 20M 22CMP20x20Roll In Stock $359.93
25MM x 20M 22CMP25x20Roll In Stock $471.29
50MM x 20M 22CMP50x20Roll Out of stock $1,688.02
8mm x 20M 22CMP8X20Roll Out of stock $122.99
6mm x 20M 22CMP6X20Roll In Stock $114.82
32MM x 20M 22CMP32x20Roll In Stock $583.65

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