SEALAND Holding Tank Basic Horizontal

Holding Tank Basic - Horizontal  
Odor-Free, Premium-Quality Performance
Boatowners can now realize the benefits of a user-friendly, properly-sized holding tank in virtually any Type III MSD system with this wide selection of SeaLand holding tank systems.
Both HTS-T and Basic series tanks use top-mounted fittings and diptube discharge plumbing to prevent potential leaks. Multiple discharge outlets eliminate the need for complex plumbing and extra discharge line connections.
  • Leak-proof, corrosion-proof, and odor-proof high-strength polyethylene construction
  • ISO/USCG compliant
  • Diptube-style discharge fittings for thorough, leak-proof pump-out
  • All components are pre-tested
  • Easy to install - no solvent-bond connection required


Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
12 HTS-HRZ Basic 11Gal/42L 322840121 Out of stock $990.10
15 HTS-HRZ Basic 15Gal/57L 322840151 Out of stock $1,255.75
20 HTS-HRZ Basic 18Gal/68L 322840201 Out of stock $1,094.12
25 HTS-HRZ Basic 25Gal/94L 322800251 Out of stock $1,005.87
30 HTS-HRZ Basic 28Gal/106L 322840301 Out of stock $1,134.46
40 HTS-HRZ Basic 34Gal/129L 322840401 Out of stock $1,279.40
55 HTS-HRZ Basic 55Gal/208L 322840551 Out of stock $1,439.83

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