SEALAND ORBIT Bone 12v Toilet

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SEALAND ORBIT Bone 12v Toilet

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7260 Standard Bone Bowl, Raw Water Flush - 12v 304726003 Low Stock $991.35


MasterFlush 7160 & 7260 series toilets

Electric Macerating Toilet with ORBIT Base, Raw Water Flush

Fitting a standard marine toilet in a small boat head usually meant sacrificing comfort and appearance for the sake of fit and function. However, the Omnidirectional Rotating Base Installation Technology puts a whole new spin to basic marine heads with the new MasterFlush 7100 and 7200 series of Orbit toilets. By providing a full 360 degrees of bowl-to-base rotation, the Orbit toilet base can be positioned in any configuration to maximize even the smallest installation space and accommodate diverse plumbing layouts.

As with all MasterFlush toilets, the 7100 and 7200 series assures trouble-free, odor-free performance by virtue of its unmatched maceration effectiveness. A rugged, glass-filled nylon twin impeller instantly draws effluent into the macerating chamber, where the 10-bladed stainless steel cutting wheel pulverizes waste and ejects it to the discharge line/holding tank.


Standard Bowl 7260

Employing a compact marine-style bowl and seat, the 7200 toilet series introduces a new path to better comfort for owners of small boats. Smoothly contoured seat-to-bowl design conveys an expensive look – without the extra cost.


  • Compact bowl and full-size enameled wood seat