SEALAND SailVac 5200 Vacuum Holding Tank

SailVac 5200 Vacuum Holding Tank
Improves VacuFlush Performance In Sailboats
VacuFlush® marine toilet technology is now optimized for sailboats with a compact vacuum tank/holding tank featuring newly developed SailVac™ design.
By engineering a vacuum generator and holding tank into a single, slim, hull-hugging vacuum holding tank, the award-winning SailVac™ 5200 now meets the demands of sailboat applications more effectively than previous VacuFlush toilet/ holding tank systems.
Special SailVac design features include a tall, slim tank that curves and narrows to fit the outboard space that’s typical of sailboat heads; an interior baffle system to protect vacuum components from wastewater at high angles of heel; and reinforcing ribs to prevent tank distortion while storing vacuum or during pump-outWith powerful vacuum propulsion, VacuFlush toilets use as little as one pint (0.5 l) of fresh water per flush. This allows more than three times the number of flushes than conventional marine toilets before holding tank capacity is reached, and also keeps sanitation hoses clear to prevent hose odor permeation. Boaters are keenly aware of power consumption. The SailVac 5200 meets tight power restrictions by requiring only three amps per flush from a 12V DC power supply.
Key Features:
  • Compact unit incorporates vacuum pump, vacuum reservoir, and holding tank.
  • Vertical, curved profile for hull installation.
  • 14-gal. (53-l) tank capacity.
  • When used with VacuFlush toilet, provides tank capacity for two people for four days.
  • Roto-molded, 8 mm-thick polyethylene construction.
  • Corrosion-proof, leak-proof, and odor-proof.
  • Thorough pump-out with diptube discharge from interior tank bottom.
  • 3/4- and full-tank sensor probes.
  • Auto shutdown relay turns off toilet system when tank is full to prevent overfilling.
  • Optional tank-level indicator panel.
  • Deep green tank color.


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