DOMETIC AIR CONDITIONING - Cruisair, MarineAir and Condaria

Lighthouse Marine Equipment is exclusive brand partner to Dometic Air Conditioning in New Zealand and the pacific. 

Dometic's Cruisair and Marine Air lines have merged under one Dometic brand of marine air conditioners. We carry self-contained, split-gas and marine chiller systems. For help selecting your Dometic marine A/C units or questions on parts, please contact us. 

Dometic Self-Contained Marine Air Conditioners - Dometic ECD EnviroComfort Self Contained A/C Units. From 6,000 to 16,000 BTUs. Previously sold as Cruisair and Marine Air, Dometic Self-Contained units are now sold under one Dometic brand. 

Dometic Split Gas A/C Systems - Condensing Units and Evaporators. Available in R410A or R417A / R22 refrigerant systems. Dometic Emerald Units (DEU) are direct replacements for Cruisair (EQ) & Marine Air (ED) Emerald split gas condensing units.

Dometic Chilled Water A/C Systems = MGCX, TWCX and VARC chillers, from 18,000 up to 180,000 BTU capacities, with various voltage configurations.