CEM Peripheral Bronze Pump | 36LPM 24VDC
CEM Peripheral Bronze Pump | 36LPM 24VDC
CEM Peripheral Bronze Pump | 36LPM 24VDC
CEM Peripheral Bronze Pump | 36LPM 24VDC

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CEM Peripheral Bronze Pump | 36LPM 24VDC

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CEM Peripheral Pump Technical Data
CEM Peripheral Pump PB | 36LPM 24VDC

Introducing the CEM Peripheral Pump PB, a versatile and high-performance solution designed specifically for the demanding needs of marine applications. Crafted with precision engineering and premium materials, this pump exemplifies the renowned quality and reliability synonymous with CEM Pumps, proudly made in Italy. The CEM Peripheral Pump PB is a single-impeller peripheral electric pump engineered to deliver exceptional pressure while maintaining a reliable flow rate, making it ideal for various marine tasks such as deck washing and pressurising on-board appliances.

Featuring a durable pump body and motor support made from bronze, along with a corrosion-resistant AISI 316 stainless steel shaft, the CEM Peripheral Pump PB is built to withstand the harsh marine environment. The brass alloy impeller ensures optimal performance and longevity, while the special corrosion-proof mechanical seal comprising ceramics, graphite, and NBR enhances durability and reliability even in saltwater conditions. With a flow rate of 36 litres per minute and operating at 24VDC, the CEM Peripheral Pump PB delivers consistent performance and reliable water transfer, ensuring a steady supply of water for various onboard needs, from showers to washbasins and toilets.

Automatic operation is facilitated by equipping the pump with a small or medium-sized surge tank, ensuring seamless functionality without the need for constant monitoring. For added convenience and peace of mind, installing a non-return valve at the suction inlet is recommended, further enhancing the pump's efficiency and performance in marine environments.

Compact, reliable, and easy to install, the CEM Peripheral Pump PB is the perfect choice for marine enthusiasts and professionals seeking dependable water delivery solutions. Elevate your onboard water systems with the unmatched quality and performance of CEM Pumps.