DOMETIC Duckbill Pair Kit (1.5" / 38mm Dia)

Dometic Sanitation

DOMETIC Duckbill Pair Kit (1.5" / 38mm Dia)

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Duckbill Valve Instructions

If worn or damaged duckbill valves have created a loss of vacuum integrity in a VacuFlush toilet system, or if a duckbill valve has become inverted due to pumping out against a closed seacock, depend on original SeaLand duckbill valves to make the system work like new. Two sizes fit all SeaLand J series vacuum generators, S series vacuum pumps, M series vacuum pumps, and T series discharge pumps.

Key benefits
  • Replaces duckbill valves in J series vacuum generators and M series vacuum pumps

  • Includes two valves per kit; four valves are required for vacuum pump

  • Maintains vacuum integrity in VacuFlush toilet systems

  • Provides backflow protection in discharge pump operation