JOHNSON F9B-905 Impeller pump, Scania, 1785018 (OEM)
JOHNSON F9B-905 Impeller pump, Scania, 1785018 (OEM)

Johnson Pump

JOHNSON F9B-905 Impeller pump, Scania, 1785018 (OEM)

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Product Information & Specs:

Uses JMP Impeller p/n: 8301-01K
Shaft Drive Type: Tapered Shaft Drive
Port Type: 2" Flange
Pump Size (LxWxH): 220mm x 152mm x 150mm
Pump Weight (approx): 18.0 lbs (8.18 kgs)
Replaces Genuine Scania Pump p/n: 1785016, 1785018
Replaces Johnson Pump p/n: 10-24308-01 (F9B-9), 10-24308-02 (F9B-905)
Engine Model(s): DI09, DI12, DI13, DI16 Series
Parts Internally Compatible to Genuine: NO (Changes made to: End Cover, Cam, Wear Plate, O-Ring for Cover, Shaft, Oil Seal for Better Quality & Performance)
Major Service Kit (All Internal Parts): JSK0028 (*Sold Separately)
Minor Service Kit: JSM0033 (*Sold Separately)

Product Features:

  • Universal Type (One for All Models)
  • Strong Bronze Body (Heavy Duty Marine Grade Casting)
  • High Performance and Long Life Flexible Impellers
  • Marine Grade Shaft (3X Series Non-Magnetic)
  • Screw with Hexa Head / Driver
  • O-Ring End Cover Packing
  • High Volume Flow Capacity
  • Fast Flow Rate
  • Forged Cam