JOHNSON Circulation Pump CM10P7-1 - Diameter 16 - 12 Volt

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JOHNSON Circulation Pump CM10P7-1 - Diameter 16 - 12 Volt

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These compact magnetic drive centrifugal pumps combine high flow rates with very low electric current consumption.

They are ideal for circulating fresh water in live fish tanks, for water or antifreeze circulation in boat, car or RV heating and cooling systems, as well as any other circulation pump application where self-priming is not essential required.
The CM10P7 has developed almost a cult following for use in water-cooled refrigeration systems.

The CM-series pumps are normal-priming centrifugal pumps and should be mounted in a manner which ensures that they are always flooded or else be primed before being switched on.
The pump should not be run dry, even though it can withstand dry running for 30 minutes.
The direction of rotation of the pump is clock-wise, viewed from the front towards the body (see rotation arrow).
The motors are made for continous duty and for voltage fluctuation of ±20%.

• Extra heavy duty construction
• ISO8846 ignition protected, permanent magnet, ball-bearing motors are designed for continuous operation
• CE approved
• Hard wired leads
• Dimensions: 6.97"L x 2.68"W x 3.35"H