JOHNSON Inlet/Universal Strainer

Universal Strainer
All wash-down and water-system strainers are designed to prevent debris and other particles from damaging the pump or passing through the system to the final outlet. The new PUMProtector™ inlet and universal strainers from SPX Johnson Pump are also designed to make your life simpler.

Both of these new strainers feature transparent covers for simple inspection, a wide variety of KlickTite™ port connectors for simple installation and removal, and high quality materials for simple maintenance. The new design and connectors make it possible to remove the entire unit for thorough cleaning wherever it’s most convenient. We recommend 40 mesh for water pressure and wash down pumps and 20 mesh for general purpose pumps
Universal Strainer
Order No. Mesh KlickTite™ Connector
09-24652-01 40 2x ½” hose / 3/8” BSP
2x ¾” hose / ½” BSP
09-24652-03 20 2x ½” hose / 3/8” BSP
2x ¾” hose / ½” BSP

Inlet Strainer
Order No. Mesh KlickTite™ Connector
09-24653-01 40 1x ½” hose / 3/8” BSP
1x ¾” hose / ½” BSP
09-24653-03 40 Built-in KlickTite
Bulk pack w/o connectors



 Stainer Info Sheet

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
40 Mesh 09-24652-01 In Stock $28.11
20 Mesh 09-24652-03 In Stock $40.00

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