JOHNSON Aqua Jet WPS 2.9 (12V or 24v)
JOHNSON Aqua Jet WPS 2.9 (12V or 24v)

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JOHNSON Aqua Jet WPS 2.9 (12V or 24v)

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Aqua Jet WPS 2.9 Manual | Aqua Jet WPS Pumps and Accessories

The Aqua Jet five chamber diaphragm pump provides the perfect water pressure or deck wash solution for both small and medium sized leisure and commercial boats as well as for mobile homes, campers and summer homes.

Quiet and pulsation-free even at low speeds. Efficient and compact, Aqua Jet pumps are particularly suitable where low amperage and sound levels in relation to water flow are placed at a premium - such as in shower and galley applications. Integrated pressure switch turns pump on and off automatically when tap is opened and closed.

Operates in fresh or sea water. Self-priming.

It is recommended to install the WPS-pumps with an accumulator tank.                            Always use a PUMProtector inlet strainer before the pump intake!