JOHNSON Vacuum Valve - Siphon Breaker

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JOHNSON Vacuum Valve - Siphon Breaker

Product Name Part Number Stock Price Qty
12mm 09-47316-01 In Stock $142.72
16mm 09-47316-02 In Stock $142.72
19mm 09-47316-03 In Stock $155.69
22mm 09-47316-04 In Stock $168.67
25mm 09-47316-05 In Stock $188.13
Siphon Breaker Service Kit 09-47316-06 In Stock $33.73


Vacuum valve - Siphon breaker

A vacuum valve is a cheap insurance against water intrusion in a engine with expensive repairs as a consequence. The maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ºC. The valve opens at a pressure which is equivalent to 3-5 cm Water Column. The materials which are used are resistant to sea water and fresh water, and to glycol compounds in appropriate concentrations.

Avoid exposing the valve to oil and grease. If it has been in contact with such substances, please clean or replace it. 

  • Non corrosive

  • Easy to install

  • Does not leak

  • High quality plastic