LOFRANS Kobra Horizontal Windlass Aluminum (12V or 24V)
LOFRANS Kobra Horizontal Windlass Aluminum (12V or 24V)
LOFRANS Kobra Horizontal Windlass Aluminum (12V or 24V)


LOFRANS Kobra Horizontal Windlass Aluminum (12V or 24V)

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LOFRANS Kobra - Horizontal Windlass Aluminum

Step aboard with confidence knowing that reliability and efficiency are on your side. The Lofrans Kobra Horizontal Windlass is your ultimate companion for anchoring, designed to optimise space both above and below deck.

With its horizontal rotation design, the Lofrans Kobra fits seamlessly onto your deck, making it ideal for spaces with limited height or volume in the chain locker. The electric motor and gearbox, shielded by a protective cover, ensure easy accessibility for maintenance, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance when you need it most.

Experience hassle-free anchoring with a minimum clearance of 300mm between the top of your stacked chain and the under deck. This crucial spacing ensures swift chain deployment into the locker, maximising the efficiency of your windlass and streamlining your anchoring process.

Beyond reliability and efficiency, the Lofrans Kobra offers durability and precision engineering. Engineered to withstand the rigors of marine environments, it promises years of dependable service, giving you peace of mind on every voyage

Choose the Lofrans Kobra Horizontal Windlass for a superior anchoring solution that delivers on performance, convenience, and durability. Elevate your onboard experience today!"

Main Features

  • Marine aluminium anodised body
  • Independent Gypsy and drum operation
  • Manual chain release
  • Manual override
  • Heavy duty rated IP66 electric motor
  • Automatic free fall available as option

Box includes:

  • Windlass assembly filled with oil
  • Dual direction solenoid pack
  • Handle or lever