LOFRANS Windlass Solenoids (3 Terminal, 500-1700W & 24V)


LOFRANS Windlass Solenoids (3 Terminal, 500-1700W & 24V)

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Lofrans Windlass Control Box, also referred to as a solenoid or a relay, is an essential component in a wiring loop for operating a remote windlass control from the cabin or cockpit.

Lofrans Control Box comprises two remote control switches encased in a factory-sealed, corrosion-resistant container. The internal switches are designed to simplify and speed up the electrical connections that they serve.

The terminals and the panel are external for easy wiring accessibility.

Lofrans Control Box features:

  • 3 terminals
  • Self-extinguishing shock-resistant polyester resin casing
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Waterproof Rating to IP56