800-024 R&D Engine Mounts 36-106kg (80-232lbs) 5/8" UNF
800-024 R&D Engine Mounts 36-106kg (80-232lbs) 5/8" UNF

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800-024 R&D Engine Mounts 36-106kg (80-232lbs) 5/8" UNF

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The R&D Engine Mounts are specifically designed for the rigors of marine, industrial, commercial and heavy equipment applications. We have mounts that have weight capacity ranging from 30-2,000 pounds per mount.

R&D Engine Mounts are pre-loaded to provide a dampening effect - both up and down. The R&D mounts are shear loaded to absorb forward and reverse thrust, yet soft enough to isolate engine vibrations from the surface they are mounted. To facilitate in the ease of installation, the mounts have nuts to adjust the height. The slotted holes in the base of the mount assist in alignment and installation. To help increase the longevity of the mounts, all steel parts are zinc plated and passivated to limit corrosion. The threads of the stud are rolled and reduce the possibility of shearing the stud. This technology produces a significantly stronger thread than possible when the material is cut away in conventional cut-thread die methods. More specifically, the thread rolling (cold forming) process strengthens the thread in three ways: tension, shear, and fatigue resistance. The rubber component is covered by an oil shield to protect the rubber from petroleum based products.

R&D Engine Mounts are ideal for:

  • Generator Mounts

  • Industrial Engine Mounts

  • Commercial Engine Mounts

  • Heavy Equipment Engine Mounts