DOMETIC DTM04 Tank Monitor System (No Vent)
DOMETIC DTM04 Tank Monitor System (No Vent)

Dometic Sanitation

DOMETIC DTM04 Tank Monitor System (No Vent)

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Upgrade your marine sanitation monitoring with the Dometic Sanitation Tank Monitor System DTM04 featuring 22" probes (without vent). Designed for accuracy and reliability, this advanced monitoring system provides real-time insights into your onboard waste tank levels, enhancing convenience and peace of mind during your boating adventures. 

Multi-level tank monitor without ventilation, which has a four-level tank monitor system for the waste holding tank it also has an optional full-tank shutdown which prevents flushing when the holding tank is full. With its durable construction and precise sensors, it's the perfect solution for efficient waste management on your vessel.

  • Includes DTM04 waste tank monitor panel and 22 in. non-vented tank probe cap

  • Monitors the fluid levels of 1 waste tank

  • For 12-volt or 24-volt DC operation

  • Installs in Dometic SeaLand tanks or any rigid tank with 3 in. FNPT opening

  • Non-vented cap

  • 22 in. version

  • Patented 3 probe holding tank cap provides tank level readings to the tank monitor panel

  • Reliable probe system is designed to prevent false readings

  • 4 illuminated and color-coded levels of empty, low, mid and full

  • Panel only displays one level at a time to eliminate confusion and save battery power

  • Continuous illumination to indicate system power