DOMETIC J Series Generator VG4 (12V or 24V)
DOMETIC J Series Generator VG4 (12V or 24V)

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DOMETIC J Series Generator VG4 (12V or 24V)

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J Series Generator VG4 Manual
J Series VG4 - The True Source of Marine Toilet Vacuum Power

The Dometic VG4 features a J series vacuum generator. Along with delivering the most efficient water and power consumption among electric heads, J series vacuum generators are easier to install than ever. Their intake and discharge capabilities and compact size permit versatile placement to meet virtually any marine plumbing system configuration.

As the most powerful and efficient vacuum source for pleasure boat toilet systems, J series vacuum generators offer boatbuilders more reasons than ever to install premium VacuFlush toilet systems. Remotely installed outside of the head compartment, VacuFlush vacuum generators work much more quietly than macerator toilet motors. Their ultra-quiet operation belies the enormous volume of system-wide vacuum they generate - instantly clearing the bowl the moment the VacuFlush toilet is flushed.

Key Features
  • Large Valves for Enhanced Flow: Equipped with large valves, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 enhances flow for improved performance and efficiency, ensuring optimal waste evacuation from marine toilets and sanitation systems.
  • 12V or 24V Options: Choose between the 12V and 24V versions to match your vessel's electrical system requirements, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with existing onboard infrastructure.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: Designed to operate quietly, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 can be remotely installed outside of the head compartment, minimizing noise and vibration levels for a more peaceful onboard environment.
  • Adjustable Components: Featuring adjustable components, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 accommodates diverse layouts and installation configurations, providing flexibility and customization options to suit your specific needs.
  • Pre-Assembled and Wired: The J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 comes pre-assembled and wired for convenience, simplifying installation and reducing setup time, allowing you to quickly and easily integrate the generator into your vessel's sanitation system.
  • Over 40 Years of Proven Reliability: With a track record of over 40 years of proven reliability, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 is trusted by boaters worldwide for its durability, performance, and longevity, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your onboard sanitation solution.
  • Efficient Waste Evacuation: Engineered for efficient waste evacuation, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 ensures thorough and reliable removal of waste from marine toilets, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene onboard.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: Designed for minimal maintenance, the J Series Vacuum Generator VG4 reduces downtime and maintenance costs, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water rather than worrying about sanitation system upkeep.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with built-in safety features such as overload protection and automatic shutdown in the event of system malfunctions, ensuring safe and reliable operation under all conditions.